Rising energy costs equal great solar power incentives for homeowners

There has never been a better time then today to invest in solar panels and solar power for the home. The technology continues to improve and ‘early-adoption’ tax incentives are still active in many states. Pair that with the continued rise of traditional energy costs and it creates the perfect scenario so save on energy with at-home solar alternative production and green energy solutions like wind.

We are eager to provide solutions to high energy costs for our clients that are interested in reversing their utility bills. We provide a full line of services for residential customers that ranger from solar photovoltaic systems to operations and maintenance of older renewable energy systems. We understand the complexities of system integration that can affect your home and strive for a seamless installation and implementation for every system install.

Solar Power & Solar Panels
Made Easy

Baker Renewable Energy offers easy design, selection, and installation of solar panel services to our residential clients, eliminating the confusion and challenges of implementing long-term strategy of generating clean, sustainable solar and renewable energy to power your home. We specialize in solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal and wind power systems for the home and housing markets.

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How Does It Work?

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    Solar Panel

    Solar array captures sunlight during daylight hours. This DC electricity is then safely converted to AC electricity.

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    The AC electricity feeds into the home’s main electrical panel, where it can be used to power normal household items.

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    Excess power created during the day can be sold back to the grid, and is credited to the home’s monthly net energy usage.

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    System Ground

    Solar energy systems produce very high quality electricity that reduce the chance of power fluctuations that could damage electronic equipment.

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    Utility Power

    Utility Power is continuously provided at night and during the day when demand exceeds solar production

How to choose a solar power company


First and foremost you select a company who has not only been around for many years, but has all the indicators of being around for many years to come. Your solar system is only as strong as its warranty; if your contractor isn’t around in 5 years to fix even a minor problem, you could spend thousands of dollars out of pocket. PG Solar is number 5 on Solar Power World’s list of top contractors in the State of Florida and been in operation since 2005. We are here to stay.


PG Solar has over 3,000 solar power installations throughout US. We have developed a tried-and-true process for installing high-quality solar power systems over and over again without exception. A solar company with a large volume of installations is a company proven to keep customers happy, in fact, PG Solar gets over half of all new business from customers referring their friends and family!


Word of mouth from a few friends is not good enough, even the worst installation might operate error-free the first couple years. Making an emotional or intuitive decision on which company to move forward with is a common mistake, even the most trustworthy salesman has little control over the quality of your panel installation.  If a company has a low rating, or too few ratings, they are not the right contractor to move forward with.


Some solar companies won’t install on certain types of roofs. Others won’t tell you a ground-mount is a far superior option. Or a company offering only PACE or HERO loans will never tell you there are less expensive alternatives. Your best bet is to select a solar contractor who works with multiple panel and inverter manufacturers, multiple finance options including lease and cash purchases, and a proven track record of installing quality systems on any property type.

Residential  Portfolio

Here are a few pictures or some of our recent installations. Our list of completed projects and happy customers in southern Florida continues to grow. Contact us to get references!