Project Assessment:

Our Solar Energy Engineering Services provide innovative solar thermal electric energy plant modeling solutions, enabling faster plant design and construction as well as increased operational efficiencies well beyond the current available solutions. We offer the next generation of modeling software used to design optimized systems, to assess performance, train new engineers and technicians, and operate the plant safely and efficiently. Our systems are leaps ahead of currently used technology—designed more than thirty years ago—and can help accelerate the widespread commercial deployment of solar thermal power.


Proposal Review:

Taking the information we collected we will design one or more initial systems incorporating the technologies we believe will best fit your budget and needs.
We also develop a detailed financial performance summary that allows you to see the long term financial benefits, the best financing program, and the results you can look forward to.
We answer all of your questions and provide detailed information related to our proposed designs and the products we recommend so that you can make an informed decision.

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Purchase Options:

We are not in business with Wall Street Bankers so if you would like to finance your solar system we’ve selected lender options that put YOU in the driver’s seat and not Wall Street Bankers.
Our lenders offer low interest 5 to 20 year purchase, lease, and power purchase programs with zero to little down to make going solar affordable and easy.

Rebates & Incentives Management:

As part of our service, we manage the paperwork that goes into connecting to your utility to get credit for any power you produce and send back to the utility (NEM), and recouping any available rebates or incentives. We work with you to make sure all of your paperwork is filed correctly, which is an important aspect in your solar process.

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Design & Installation:

What makes us different – our in-house design ensures the system design matches the financial performance projections of your system. We provide you with an opportunity to review the final designs for your approval, and ask any questions. Then, we handle all of the permits, inspections, and any utility paperwork necessary to connect your system to the grid. And, our full time project management and trained assembly crews ensure a seamless process, from start to finish.

Support & Warranty:

From start to finish, to system operation, we are here to provide you with any support you need. In addition to 24/7 system monitoring you’ll have access to a knowledgeable XsunX employee to answer questions you might have.
And, the solar modules, inverters, and mounting system we offer provide some of the best industry warranties available today with up to 25 year coverage. We back this up with a workmanship guarantee that ensures your system was built to last.

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Commercial  Portfolio

Here are a few pictures or some of our recent installations. Our list of completed projects and happy customers continues to grow. Contact us to get references!